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Published on: 14-05-2020

It is hard not counting the days or analyzing exponential curves. It is difficult falling asleep in such worrying times. But thankfully Mother Nature has no time for building castles in the air.

At the farm, naartjies and lemons are ripe, olives must be pressed and the 2020 wine is fermenting. She keeps us busy, sane and humble in the face of the unknown. So we do what we know best: we make the best wine, we think, we care, we adapt, we have more ideas than ever before.

It is a busy and beautiful autumn. Nature knows nothing about lockdown level 4...Life continues, strong and fecund. After having harvested  the last grapes of Cabernet in April, it is time for naartjies, lemons and olives to be picked. And before you know it, you will find your favourite marmalade and pure olive oil at the farm's boutique.

Meanwhile, at the cellar, the fermentation of the grapes is finished. 3/5th of our wine is now in French oak barrels for approximately 12 to 18 months to obtain beautiful aromas in the finished wine, while 2/5th of the wine is still in the maturation phase for another week, a step where the solid elements of the grapes and the wine are in contact to obtain a beautiful colour and aromas as well. And only then the cellar team can eventually rest.

It has been a challenging year thus far, but together we are moving forward and overcoming one obstacle at a time. We also want to thank everyone that has been supportive and understanding during this trying times.

Your continues support means a lot to us!

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